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The TOTAL logo
Having completed the cultural and management integration phase following the two mergers, between TOTAL and FINA in 1999 and TOTALFINA and ELF in 2000, it was decided to adopt a company name that, more than the other names, would be set in the hearts and minds of consumers around the world. Thus, in June 2003, TOTAL was born, or rather, re-born.

With TOTAL, the Group wanted to highlight its greater international visibility, which has already been recognized, also choosing a new logo as a guarantee of its closeness and the attention the company pays to all of its clients and the maximum quality of the services and products it offers. In changing the company name it was decided to link it to a new logo, characterized by spherical elements that express the universal commitment of the Group in the energy field, aimed at promoting exchanges of energy and human resources in order to provide a significant contribution to international social and economic progress.

The spherical symbol encloses the image of multiple energy flows. Therefore, not only is this a call-out to oil, but also to gas, electric energy and all other forms of alternative energy, such as solar and wind power. In particular, TOTAL is establishing itself as an energy Group, not just an oil Group and, therefore, it would like to be identified with a true and real symbol of energy.

TOTAL energy arises not only from primary energy resources, but also from all of its human resources and, in particular, from all of the resources in the sphere of the Group’s industrial and commercial activities.

Use of the TOTAL logo
It is possible to download a low-resolution version of the logo via the Web or as a high-resolution version for printing.

After having read and understood the instructions in the guidelines on how to use the TOTAL logo, the Terms and Conditions of TOTAL E&P Italia and the Legal Notes, you may download the files:

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