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Tempa Rossa

Security and sustainable development

Through the development of the Tempa Rossa project, as in other projects around the world, TOTAL has shown its strong dedication to a policy that aims at increasing the safety of industrial operations, reducing their environmental impact and participating in regional development.
For the safety and protection of the workers and population, TOTAL adopted more advanced industrial standards, in addition to hiring highly qualified employees. All activities with potential risks are preceded by a specific evaluation in order to determine all of the measures that need to be implemented in order to minimize the risks for people.

The installation sites and the flow line routes that were preselected for the project were identified in a way so as to minimize the impact on the region, avoid routes through inhabited areas and reduce the impact in farmland areas. Ecosystem impact studies were conducted to protect the air, water and soil, as well as public health, flora and fauna and in order to limit citizen disturbances. The monitoring of environmental parameters will be performed during the preparation, construction and production phases, until the site has been reclaimed.  In order to control permanently the emissions generated by the production process, air, water and noise monitoring control units will be set up.

TOTAL will conduct its activities while respecting local communities through a continuous and constructive dialogue, while operating under maximum transparency.
Furthermore, in order to ensure the sustainable development of the region, TOTAL is determined, from the time of the start of its activities and for the entire duration of the Gorgoglione Concession, to make contributions through programs to support the community, small and medium-size companies and educational activities.

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