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Processing centre

The Corleto Perticara oil centre
The processing centre will be equipped with systems that allow for the hydrocarbons extracted from the wells to be transformed into oil products that meet commercial specifications. This equipment will also allow for the products to be transported under better safety conditions. The future Corleto Perticara treatment centre will bring together 190,000 m2 of operations necessary to separate and process the hydrocarbons extracted from the subsoil. To these different units (daily capacity: 50,000 barrels of oil, 230,000 m³ of natural gas, 240 tons of LPG, 80 tons of sulphur) a module to process water and systems that will provide electricity for the site will be added.   

The processing centre area was selected, from the various location alternatives, with the intent to limit environmental impact and minimize technical complexity. The processing centre will therefore be constructed in a barycentric position with respect to the extraction wells.

The Guardia Perticara LPG centre
The depot will be made up of two horizontal tanks that are totally underground with a storage capacity of approximately 1,500 cubic meters each. The stored LPG will be collected from the storage tanks via tankers; to load the vehicles there will be four loading bays equipped with appropriate pumps. In the depot area, in addition to the civil constructions that are in addition to the plants, a water tank has also been planned in order to meet water requirements. Perfectly integrated in its environment, the future LPG storage centre will include 2 underground tanks with a total capacity of 3,000 m3. The 4 road loading bays are equipped with safety devices that do not allow for any leaks while loading the tankers.

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