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AS.SU.RE Portal for the prequalification and management of TOTAL E&P Italia's national Suppliers Register

Total E&P Italia has adopted a goods, services and works supply policy which aims to achieve maximum transparency, competitiveness, impartiality, confidentiality and correctness, working with suppliers who, in addition to meeting the company's needs in a technical sense, also have the best organisational structures, adopt the best standards in terms of quality, health, safety and environmental protection and base their relationships on solid work ethics.

Protection of the aforementioned fundamental principles is guaranteed by company procedures that Total E&P Italia has adopted for the selection and assessment of suppliers and procurement. In accordance with this procedural framework, Total E&P Italia should enter into a business relationship with its suppliers after following a strict prequalification process, which leads to the creation and management of a Suppliers Register.

As a result, Total E&P Italia has implemented a prequalification system of national suppliers in order to compile a Total E&P Italia Suppliers Register.

The supplier prequalification process complies with mandatory and voluntary standards and is based on objective criteria and it is the assessment process that grants or refuses approval status to applicant companies to become part of the Total E&P Italia Suppliers Register. The Register contains the names of suppliers who possess the required technical, economic, financial and moral characteristics, and Total E&P Italia selects subjects from this Register for their calls for tender in order to award tenders for the provision of goods, works and services.

The Register prequalification and management processes are based on a web platform and are managed with an electronic procedure supported by a specific information system: the AS.SU.RE Portal (ASsessment for SUpplier RElationship). This systems allows Total E&P Italia to keep an updated list of subjects with proven technical and economic reliability and is directed and open to all the companies who are involved in the types of activities Total E&P Italia undertakes.  Through this Portal, each goods and services supplier can automatically apply based on the Total E&P Italia classes in which they work or are involved.

For Total E&P Italia, the AS.SU.RE Portal is the IT tool of reference for searching, selecting and assessing the characteristics of its suppliers.

The Portal can be accessed by clicking on the link below from 15 March 2012:

>> Access to AS.SU.RE Portal

For further information, please visit the "Contacts" section on the website or send an email to

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