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Call for tenders 2011

The "petroleum and natural gas survey" and "petroleum production" activities undertaken in Italy are directly open to competition on the free market.

This is the ruling made by the European Commission, with its Decision no. 2011/372/EU of 24 June 2011, in which it decides that calls for tender made by companies who operate in the fields of "petroleum and natural gas surveys" and "petroleum production" no longer come under the scope of application of Directive 2004/17/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.

The effect of this Commission Implementing Decision is that Total E&P Italia is no longer subject to the provisions of the "Code of Public Contracts" (Legislative Decree no. 163 of 12 April 2006 and subsequent amendments). As a result, Total E&P Italia's tender notice publishing obligations and the legal conditions of the public tender procedure also no longer apply.

The public tenders underway, including the preparatory works for the Tempa Rossa site and the EPSC1 and EPSC2 tenders have been formally revoked and Total E&P Italia will now proceed with a private selection process of the offers already received.

The reason behind this revocation was the need to issue new tender documents with new content adapted to the inapplicability of the laws pursuant to which they had been prepared.

Lower costs, efficacy and equal opportunities continue to be the criteria that Total E&P Italia shall apply in proceeding with and awarding all its tenders, in accordance with its company policies.

European Commission Implementing Decision



Cancellation Notices


Call for Tender - Frame Agreement for engineering studies and other services for Tempa Rossa Project


Renovation and adaptation works, well area TEMPA ROSSA 2 (TR2) located in the countryside of the Municipality of Corleto Perticara (PZ)


Outcome of informal call for tender following market research for appointing the Medical Treatment Service for the Tempa Rossa Project site


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