Total E&P Italia


Exploration & Production

TOTAL E&P Italia S.p.A. is the subsidiary of the TOTAL Group responsible for exploration and production in Italy.

In the last 50 years, the TOTAL Group, through its Italian subsidiaries, has been a partner in, or the operator of, more than 300 exploration permits or production concessions. The TOTAL Group has participated in the acquisition of more than 50,000 km of seismic lines and the drilling of around 500 wells, of which 200 as operator.

In the southern Apennine region where the Company is currently concentrating its activities and, particularly in Basilicata, TOTAL E&P Italia S.p.A. has 6 research permits and/or concessions and operates three of these.

In the Basilicata region, TOTAL E&P Italia S.p.A., with a 50% ownership (plus 25% Shell and 25% Mitsui E&P Italia B S.r.l.), operates the Gorgoglione (MT) concession, where the Tempa Rossa oil field was identified in 1989.

After the heads of agreement signed in November 2004, the company signed a framework agreement with the Basilicata Region on the 22 September 2006, which gave the go ahead for the development program for the oilfield.

At full production, Tempa Rossa will have a daily productive capacity of about 50,000 barrels of crude, 230,000 m3 of natural gas, 240 tonnes of LPG and 80 tonnes of sulphur.

The agreement signed by TOTAL with the Basilicata Region also defines the Group’s environmental commitment and a social action program, both negotiated with the region.

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